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BULL’S EYE!! Amazingly, after 45 plus years, there seems to be absolutely no decline in the quality of an OHO release! This, my friends, is another of the multiple peaks experienced during their highly creative journey. Jay Graboski’s voice has never sounded so confident and self-assuredly comfortable in its own skin. He leads this proggy epic with his expressive acoustic guitar (always one of his aces) while his notable assemblage of like-minded explorers dole out the goods.


Though indexed into 3 sections, this thirty six minute adventure should be consumed as a whole. Wondrous interlocking melodies buttress the theme of discovery, be it grudgingly accepted or surrendered to with the utmost exhilaration. The plentiful instrumental interludes serve as guides while also respectfully nodding to progressive music’s golden era. Addictive potential stand alone tunes pass through this expedition widening the musical palette while functioning as a novel’s chapters. The exquisite placement of chosen instrumentation adds the desired spice to possess the listeners’ full attention. Adrenalin jacks are plentiful; induced by spine-tingling crescendos. This is the collective culmination of the OHO experience thus far. This is AHORA! Discover the now. You’ll be better for it!


-Warren Barker

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